Die „neue“ Musikkultur in der Kirche


The difference between the cultures resembles the divide explored by musicologist Simon Frith, between the Classical tradition of music as conceptual, existing as a written work before and above any performance, and the African tradition of music as a social ritual constructive of social space,

a performance constructing and responsive to its context. In the latter tradition, the performance that is right is the one that is right for [and in dialogue with] this group of people right now rather than the one that is closest to a theoretical ideal.

Vielleicht ist das der Unterschied, den viele immer gefühlt haben, aber nicht so klar benennen konnten… Ich meine DEN Unterschied zwischen verschiedenen Kirchen-Kulturen und Musik-Kulturen in den Kirchen…
Mehr hier: http://alternativeworship.org/definitions_definition.html

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