Kirche rund um einen Tisch – virtuell und wirklich

Wie kann eine Kirche heute virtuell die Gemeinschaft ihrer Mitglieder fördern? Wir suchen zur Zeit händeringend nach einer Lösung, die für Gemeindemitglieder angemessen ist und die neuen Techniken des Internet nutzt. Jetzt bin ich aber super gespannt, was da kommt…

Das „Projekt Table“ ist eine neue Idee einer social Community, die konkret auf die Bedürfnisse von christlichen Gemeinden zugeschnitten ist…

We began dreaming. What would have the power to help a church community feel like family, as they did in the early church? What could help us all meet, pray and serve with one another more frequently? We didn’t care about the means to get there but it was unanimous that this was our mission.

The answer to our question was quickly evolving right before our eyes as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter began to pick up speed. We saw people connecting and mobilizing around social good. What if we harnessed the power of social media for the local church? Could we help revolutionize the way those churches interact, mobilize and connect? The answers to these questions led to another question: do these churches want it?

We set out on a tour of 100 churches to find out. We designed some quick prototypes and told churches, „We’ll bring the subs if you bring the people.“ The feedback was amazing. In over 95% of churches the typical response was, „Yes, we need this, like, yesterday!“ Some thought our mock-ups were real and wanted to sign up on the spot. These churches were using Facebook, Google Groups and Twitter but had a large void for a centralized social hub just for their community. Our reaction to all this feedback: „We have to build it.“

The Table Project is not about technology. It is not about creating a virtual church. It’s about using the tools around us to unite the Body of Christ. Right now, during this moment, we believe the Table is one of the best gifts we can give the Church.

Watch the Table Intro Video to get a better idea about the Table Project.

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